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Investor Relations

Risk Management Committee

The Company’s Risk Management Committee consists of four members, as follows:

No. Name Position
1. Mr. Chotiphat Bijananda Chairman of the Committee
2. Mr. Threekwan Bunnag Committee’s member
3. Mr. Panote Sirivadhanabhakdi Committee’s member
4. Mr. Uten Lohachitpitaks Committee’s member

Roles, duties and responsibilities of the Risk Management Committee

  1. Regulate and support risk management procedure in line with the Company’s strategies and objectives, responding to any risk situation change.
  2. Consider Risk Management Policy and procedures in all areas, e.g. credit risk, market risk, operational risk, strategic risk, liquidity risk, regulatory risks and other risks.
  3. Assess the Company’s risks in the areas mentioned in item 2.
  4. Define and review risk management tools and guidelines to ensure that they are efficient and appropriate with regard to the overall risk associated with the operation.
  5. Determine and review risk limits and corrective measures.
  6. Follow up with risk assessments which assume both normal operational mode and crisis situations (stress testing).
  7. Evaluate the risk entailed in operating new businesses and trading new products. Furthermore, to define preventive measures to deal with the risk derived from transactions.
  8. Review and improve, if needed, the Charter of the Risk Management Committee, and report the amendment to the Board.
  9. Risk Management Report shall be presented to the Board. Should any event be likely to have significant impact on the Company, the Board shall be informed immediately.
  10. The Risk Management Committee shall set its meeting schedule at least one time per quarter.
  11. Review and support Anti-Corruption risk management implementation by assessment of corruption risks and review appropriateness of the anti-corruption measures.
  12. A Risk Management Report regarding anti-corruption shall be presented to the Audit Committee. Should any event be likely to have significant impact on the Company, the Board shall be informed immediately.
  13. Perform any other acts assigned by the Board, with the approval of the Risk Management Committee.