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Investor Relations

Audit Committee

The Company’s Audit Committee consists of three members, as follows:

No. Name Position
1. Mr. Threekwan Bunnag Chairman of the Audit Committee / Independent Director
2. Mr. Chainoi Puankosoom Audit Committee’s member / Independent Director
3. Mr. Chatchaval Jiaravanon Audit Committee’s member / Independent Director
4. Associate Professor Tithiphan Chuerboonchai Audit Committee’s member / Independent Director

All members of the Audit Committee have knowledge and experience in accounting to review the financial report process to ensure the reliability.

Roles, duties and responsibilities of the Audit Committee

  1. Review the accuracy and adequacy of the Company’s financial reports.
  2. Ensure that the Company has a suitable and efficient internal control system, internal audit, good Corporate Governance process and risk management system.
  3. Review the efficiency and effectiveness of the Information Technology System in relation to Internal Control and Risk Management.
  4. Review the Company’s compliance with the Securities and Exchange Act, the SET’s regulations, and the laws relating to the Company’s business.
  5. Consider connected transactions, or transactions that may lead to conflicts of interests, to ensure that they are in compliance with the SET’s rules and regulations together with the laws relating to the Company’s business.
  6. Review the risk assessment process and give advice on risk mitigation measures to the Board. The Management shall implement such advice.
  7. Review and consider with Management any defects that have been found, and monitor the response by Management.
  8. Empower the auditing and investigation of all related parties in accord with the authorization of the Audit Committee, and is authorized in hiring an expert so as to audit and investigate in compliance with the Company’s regulations.
  9. Consider, select, nominate/discharge and recommend remuneration for the Company’s external auditor. The Audit Committee shall meet privately with the external auditor at least once a year, without Management being present.
  10. Consider scope of work and plans of the external auditor and the internal audit department in order to ensure cooperation of both parties and ensure there are reductive double operations of financial auditing.
  11. Coordinate with the Company’s auditors and may advise them to review any significant transactions.
  12. If the Audit Committee finds any issue that may affect the financing and performance of the Company, the Audit Committee shall report to the Board to improve it in due course.
  13. Review and measure anti-corruption processes to ensure compliance.
  14. Monitor relevant internal control system to ensure efficient and effective anti-corruption measures.
  15. Regularly report and provide suggestions relevant to internal audit results on the anti-corruption measures to the Board and the Management.
  16. Ensure that the Management sets out Whistleblowing system and its monitoring process.
  17. The Chairman or a member of the Audit Committee shall attend the Company’s Annual General Shareholder Meeting so that shareholders may ask questions related to the Audit Committee or the nomination of the Company’s auditor.
  18. Evaluate the Audit Committee performance at least one time annually, and report to the Board.
  19. Prepare a report for the Audit Committee on Corporate Governance to be included in the Company’s annual report, affixing the signature of the Chairman of the Audit Committee. Minimum contents to be disclosed in the report are the Audit Committee’s performance, number attending the meetings, attendees and overall opinions of the Committee.
  20. Ensure that remuneration for the Company’s auditor is disclosed in the Company’s annual report.
  21. Approve Charter, work plans, budget and manpower of the Internal Audit Department.
  22. Consider, select, nominate and evaluate the Internal Audit Manager as well as the independence of the Internal Audit Department.
  23. Perform any other acts assigned by the Board, with the approval of the Audit Committee.