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Investor Relations

Anti-Corruption Policy

TICON Industrial Connection Public Company Limited focuses on the value of, and is committed to, running its business with integrity, transparency and fairness, within the framework of law, ethics and good corporate governance practices, with full support for anti-corruption measures and the recognition that corruption impacts business operations and the sustained growth of the company as well as the economic and social stability of the country.

As a part of society with hopes of ridding Thailand of corruption, TICON is a member of Thailand’s Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC) and developed this Anti-Corruption Policy document for all company personnel to observe, and for stakeholders to become aware of TICON’s desires and business guidelines.

TICON requires the company personnel to study, understand and comply with this Anti-Corruption Policy seriously, to jointly turn the company into a transparent entity, trusted by all stakeholders. Therefore, the Company has set the practices as follows:

No TICON directors, executives, or employees may demand, engage in, or tolerate corruption in any country and any public or private agency involved in TICON’s business. Rather, they must cooperate in promoting the values of integrity and responsibility as a corporate culture as well as review practices and requirements for operators to comply with changes in business regulations and legal requirements.

  • Anti-Corruption Policy

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